Positive Effects of Laughter

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Laugh with me

In all living creatures God gives human laughter as gift which is one of the most valuable and precious gift given by God. Everyone laugh from small child to elderly person because laughing relates to happiness, good health, joy, and good mood. So why should not we laugh as it has several positive effects.

Laughter is natural exercise and also great pain and stress reliever. laughter makes man relax eases his stress and anxiety it also boost man's mood and make him confident and healthy. When you laugh you get following benefits.

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Laughing gives great health

1) Laughter reduces stress, whenever one laugh in stressful situation he get relaxed and get out of stress after some time.

2) By laughing more any can get his/her immunity boosted which is very necessary for remain healthy and fight illnesses.

3) Laughter reduce anxiety and other negative emotions it improves optimism, self-esteem and depression. Whenever you laugh at the same time you cannot stay anxious and stressed.

4) laughing burn calories, if you want to reduce you weight laughter will surely help you to come back in shape. At it burn your calories without any type of exercise. It also good for your health of abbes.

5) Laughter improves relationships.

Laugh with your partner

6) By laughing, hormone which boost health, increases in body

7) Laughter increases blood flow and oxygenation in body and brain.

8) Laughter also improves memory and it gives radiant skin.

9)Laughter is surely a natural way to exercise various muscle group in our body.

10) Laughter is one of the best workout not only body but also for mind.

11) By laughing daily people can keep their heart healthy and healthy heart make man's life-span longer. 

Don't worry be happy

12) Laughter not only shut down release of cortisol, a stress hormone but it also boost release release of neurochemicals like dopamine, a feel good chemical, which control stress and anxiety effectively and give better feeling and relief to you.

12) By laughing your lungs get empty and it get more oxygen it results in cleansing effect similar to deep breathing. This is helpful for people who are suffering from respiratory ailments such as asthma.


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