Positive Effects of Reading Books

We every one start our life journey by first learning reading and later reading books first in school then in college because nothing is as positively effective and important other than books wether if it is our curricullam books extra curriculum books.

Love Reading

Books are human's best friend and best teacher ever, without books there could be nothing in this world whatever we have today no technology, no science because nothing can be developed or made without knowledge and information and best source of these is even today is books.

Here are some of the Positive Effects of Reading Books.

1) Good books (e.g. motivationa) motivate and inspire us to develop ourselves and make progress in our life. We got to read stories of those great people who have done great work or achieved great achievements in thier life.

Reading a book

2) Books reading is also a very good exercise for our brain. Reading books stimulate our brain and keeps flowing blood in it. And this prevent disease like dementia and Alzheimer. Reading also improves our cognitive function and memory. The healthier our brain the more
we can focus and develop our analytical skills.

3) Whenever you read a fiction book, you try to see things in your own mind in this way you become more imaginative as you read more books.

4) By reading books you get better command on language,  reading also improves your vocabulary. Any time when you read book, you come across idioms, phrases, New words and writing styles.

5) By reading books you can get better entertainment with much less than a movie ticket.

6) Books also a great teacher of human so by reading books one can get answers or solutions of his questions or problems which dwelling in his or her mind for since long time.

Read this Book
 "The Science of Getting Rich" and then
1) The Secret
2) The Power
3) The Magic
4) Hero
5) The Secret Daily Teachings.

You can also read several other motivational and informative books available free on internet.

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