Positive Effects of Yoga

Healthy, Flexible and strong muscles are very much needed for good health.
And for this Yoga is best activity to be included in our daily routine.

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Yoga for Mind, Spirit and Body

Yoga is very much beneficial for overall your health and also inexpensive and simple to do because you neither need go to gym nor you need to buy expensive machines, you just need a mat.

Yoga gives me energy

The supreme aim of Yoga is to help people to transcend the self and attain enlightenment. The Bhagawad-Gita says that, "A person is said to have achieved Yoga, the union with the Self, when the perfectly discipline mind gets freedom from all desires and become absorbed in Self-alone."

Yoga is nothing but a way of living that aims towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. Yoga helps to promote physical, mental and spiritual being and balanced development of all these three. Other forms of physical exercises like aerobics and weight training assure only physical well being. They have little to do with development of spiritual and astral body.

Begin day with Yoga

Yoga is ancient way of exercise so it provides man various health benefits some of them as below:

1) Yoga helps eliminate toxins from our body by which our body becomes clean and healthy from inside.

2) Yoga provides muscles flexibility and endurance.

3) Our vision means health of eye and health skin also.

4) If you exercise in gym you build strong muscles but weight training make your muscles hard and less flexible, on the other hand Yoga gives strong muscles with flexibility and endurance too.

5) Yoga improves posture.
By doing yoga on daily basis one can improve his/her posture which later on makes his/her personality pleasant and smart.

6) Yoga improves managing stress and improves deep breathing and relaxation techniques.

7) Yoga not only give relief from stress and anxiety but it also reduce cortisol,a stress hormone.

8) If you are just practising yoga alone or you are practicing yoga and also you are living a healthy lifestyle with all good habits like sleeping on time or eating reasonable quantity of healthy food. Yoga will help decrease risk factors for heart desease.

9) If a person is suffering from chronic pain in conditions like osteoarthritis started doing yoga regularly in this case yoga may surely will help that person reduce his or her chronic pain.

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